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Everyone should have their favorite cap….that’s what Infinity Headwear is here for.

For over 20 years, headwear has been our thing. We have conducted thousands of hours of research on trends, fabrics and styles. During that time, we have developed the perfect size and shape hats designed especially for women.

Every hat we make begins with an idea. From there our product development team starts the rigorous process of designing new hats–everything from sketches to sample development–to get a hat that we love and would wear.

We take a lot of pride in everything we do–from the very beginning of the design process, through development of samples to the finished hats we make. Every detail along the way is of vital importance to us. Our dedicated team of employees work hard to ensure when you buy a hat from Infinity Headwear that you get a great product–and a new favorite hat! In fact, we even named many of our hats after our employees!

We are located in northwest Arkansas–the Natural State. We love the Ozark Mountains, the seasons and our rich history. Being out in nature and participating in the varied outdoor activities our state offers provided inspiration for our headwear line.

Infinity Headwear is a division of Infinity Product Group, a leading manufacturer, merchandiser and marketer of innovative consumer products. IPG has over 15 years of experience designing, developing and sourcing high-quality products for many of the world’s leading retailers and consumer product companies.

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